November 19, 2018

What is probate?

Probate is the process by which a will is submitted to the court and its validity is established. The court accepts the will as a valid document if it meets all...

October 11, 2016

  • Q.  What is a will?    

  1. A will is a handy legal tool used to provide gifts of your estate to your loved ones or to entities, charitable or otherwis...

July 20, 2016

This is something that I hear constantly from clients who have relatives that didn’t have their affairs in order. Let’s take a prime example for which I get regular inquiries: a...

April 5, 2016

Florida’s state laws are very specific regarding the relationship between a landlord and tenant, the obligations of each, and what they may or may not do and when they may/may n...

February 23, 2016


Florida, as many know, is a state that many people choose for retirement. Our warm weather and sunny views make it a great place for anyone and everyone. Each state has its own...

September 11, 2015


A Power of Attorney is a commonly-used legal document that enables one person to delegate powers or legal authority to another person. The person creating the Power of Attorney...

August 12, 2015

No one particularly likes to think about the end of their own life, but being prepared well before you or a loved one needs to deal with the inevitable will save your family mon...

June 23, 2015


Many clients become confused when discussing Estate Planning. A big source of confusion is a Living Will. A Living Will is NOT a person’s legal will., which has to do with what...

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